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Free Deer Hunting Gear Giveaway

Welcome to the Deer & Deer Hunting 12 Day Year-End Gear Giveaway

To celebrate the year’s end, Deer & Deer Hunting and its sponsors are giving away A PRIZE A DAY from December 20 through December 31. That’s 12 chances to win 12 great prizes in 12 days! To up your chances of winning, you’ll receive BONUS entries for friends you refer to enter.

Treat yourself this holiday season by entering Deer & Deer Hunting’s fun sweepstakes every day right here at DeerandDeerHunting.com/12days.

Monday Dec. 20
Button Buck
Kid’s Wily Buck T-shirt
Tuesday Dec. 21
Watson Airlock
26” Mossy Oak Camo Bag
Wednesday Dec. 22
Heated Insoles
Thursday Dec. 23
AO Coolers
24-Pack in Mossy Oak
Friday Dec. 24
Mountain Mike’s
Mounting Kit
Saturday Dec. 25
Sunday Dec. 26
Deer & Deer Hunting
Hunting Mature Whitetails
Monday Dec. 27
Deer & Deer Hunting
Shot Simulator
Tuesday Dec. 28
Bark River DDH Knife
Wednesday Dec. 29
2013 Page-A-Day Calendar
Thursday Dec. 30
Deer & Deer Hunting
Legendary Whitetails III
Friday Dec. 31
Deer & Deer Hunting
2013 Rut Wall Calendar


Monday Dec. 20

Antler Polo and Bandit T-Shirt

Button Buck’s children’s Wily Buck T-shirt features a stylized take on the classic game animal. It’s perfect for the first day of school or a day of adventure. It is vintage-soft, fashionably cut and printed by hand with a screen-printed interior tag to prevent itch. It is available in olive or fuscia.





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Tuesday, Dec. 21

Watson Airlock 26” Mossy Oak Camo Bag

Watson Airlock’s 26-inch Mossy Oak Bag allows you to store all of your hunting clothes dry and scent free, plus change comfortably in the field. Its also the perfect place to store all your gear in the off-season. It features scent-tight technology and a fold out changing mat.





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Wednesday, Dec. 22

ThermaCELL RemoteHeated Insoles

ThermaCell Remote Heated Insoles foot warmers keep your feet comfortably warm. They maintain a steady temperature inside your shoes or boots, keeping your feet around normal body temperature. You can adjust the heat with a remote to keep your feet from sweating.


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Thursday, Dec. 23

AO Coolers’ 24-Pack Deluxe Cooler in Mossy Oak

AO Coolers 24-pack Deluxe Mossy Oak Cooler features a removable shoulder strap, clip-down ends and twice the insulation of other soft-sided coolers. It is guaranteed to hold ice for 24 hours in 120 degree weather and features a leak-proof liner and side pocket for dry items.


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Friday, Dec. 24

Mountain Mike’s Reproductions’ Black Forest Mounting Kit

Mountain Mike’s Black Forest Mount kit is a traditional-style half skull with plaque inspired from the Black Forest of Germany. It displays your whitetail, mule, blacktail, cous, fallow or other antlers. Just detach the antlers at the pedicles and attach them to the mount.


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Saturday, Dec. 25

DDH Seth McGinn’s CanCooker

Seth McGinn’s Can Cooker is easy to use. Just pack it with ingredients and enjoy a mouthwatering, slow-cooked meal in a fraction of the time. Simply put it on any campfire, burner or grill ­ it locks in heat and steam while it cooks tender, flavorful meals that don’t have to simmer all day. The lightweight, high-strength aluminum cooker has a latch-closed lid with a rubber seal and steam port.

Learn more at www.shopdeerhunting.com

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Sunday, Dec. 26

Hunting Mature Whitetails the Lakosky Way

Hunting Mature Whitetails the Lakosky Way: Quality Deer Management with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky gives you up-close-and-personal insight into Lee and Tiffany’s methods for finding land, planting food plots, setting stands, identifying target bucks and bringing everything home at the moment of truth. You’ll learn how this humble Minnesota couple grew from aspiring whitetail nuts to deer hunting superstars, and you’ll read about pulse-pounding hunts for giant whitetails such as Gnarles Barkley and a 177-inch typical Minnesota giant.


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Monday, Dec. 27

Deer & Deer Hunting Shot Simulator Software www.mygundb.com

Deer & Deer Hunting’s Shot Simulator is a state-of-the-art animated program, that allows you to position the deer exactly as it was when you were hunting, “take the shot,” and then learn exactly which organs were hit. Position yourself from tree-stand height or ground-blind level and position the deer at any angle. After the shot, click on the navigation bars to peel away the hide, skin and bones to see which organs were hit. Then, use our instant trailing guide to help you decide what your next move should be.

Learn more at www.ShopDeerHunting.com

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Tuesday, Dec. 28

Deer & Deer Hunting Knife

Deer & Deer Hunting’s Custom Bark River Knife is hand-crafted and made exclusively for us. It¹s a slimmer, more compact version of a modern classic pattern, and has all the features of the vintage Loveless with it¹s increased cutting angle and Crucible¹s 154CM at 60-61 Rockwell C steel. You¹ll find it perfect for field dressing tasks and all around use in the hunting camp.

Want this knife now? It’s available at www.ShopDeerHunting.com

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Wednesday, Dec. 29

Whitetail Page-A-Day Calendar

The 2013 Whitetails Daily Calendar presents an awe-inspiring year in whitetail country. In addition to beautiful glimpses into the whitetail’s annual journey – from the lean, cold days of winter to the plentiful days of summer and the adrenaline-pumping rut – this calendar includes deer activity information to help you plan your hunts.

Learn more at www.ShopDeerHunting.com


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Thursday, Dec. 30

Legendary Whitetails III

Legendary Whitetails III provides snapshots of the greatest whitetails ever taken, including the back-story, score sheet and other critical details. Antler replicator Klaus LeBrecht has worked with each rack and has produced unique photography to show readers the full scope of these magnificent antlers.

Don’t want to wait to win? Purchase now at www.ShopDeerHunting.com

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Friday, Dec. 31

2013 Whitetail Lunar Wall Calendar

The Deer & Deer Hunting 2013 Whiteail Lunar Wall Calendar features deer activity and rut predictions straight from the experts. These forecasts from Charles Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche are indispensable for helping you make the most of your time in the woods. The calendar also has useful yearlong moon phase data and the deer activity information you need for planning all of your 2013 hunts.

Get one now at www.ShopDeerHunting.com



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