Listen to "A Free for All with Ted Nugent" Webinar

The most popular, most talked about, most attended webinar ever offered by Deer & Deer Hunting

Attend a live webinar featuring Ted NugentOn Nov. 3, 2010, rock legend and outdoors icon Ted Nugent made Deer & Deer Hunting history with the "A Free for All with Ted Nugent" webinar. The free online-only event proved to be the most popular webinar ever offered by D&DH.

The webinar offered a chance for Nugent’s adoring fans and harshest critics to ask questions. From his controversial statements about game regulations to the subjects that bring him to tears, nothing was off limits. No matter how you feel about him, you’ll gain a new perspective about the one they call "Uncle Ted."

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great webinar with the Whackmaster. I received some good information and insights to use in the field and in the local political arena." – Jim

"As always another fine webinar by D&DH! Every one I have attended had me riveted and this one was no exception. Keep them coming! Pass on my thanks to Ted for doing this and providing us with his insight." – Bo

"Just wanted to say thank you for bringing ‘Uncle Ted’ to us for an hour. He is a true inspiration on many fronts." – Rick

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