AR rifle

AR Rifle in Deer Camp

AR Controversy? Are They OK for Deer Hunting or Not?

While misperceptions about tactical rifles remain among the sporting public, and even some division remains among sportsmen in camp (one recent magazine article talked about being the first guy in camp with an AR and how to present yourself as a good ambassador for the tactical gun crowd), studies show that opinions are changing....

AR 15 Shooters Guide

Learn More About the Popular AR-15 Rifle

Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to the AR-15, authored by firearms expert and noted author Richard A. Mann, cuts through the clutter and offers readers a user-friendly look at today’s most popular modern sporting rifle. This latest entry in Gun Digest Books’ Shooter’s Guide series helps AR-15 owners understand and appreciate the complexity of this versatile firearm....

BLACKHAWK! Diversion bags give you some peace of mind during travel with your modern sporting rifle or AR rifle.

Carry Your Modern Sporting Rifle Discretely, Safely

With the popularity of modern sporting rifles and AR rifles among competitive shooters, recreational shooters and deer hunters, some folks want to be less conspicuous when traveling with them from home to the range or hunting area. Traditional carrying cases can be dead giveaways to would-be thieves who might break into a vehicle or...