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Turkey & Turkey Hunting — Coming to a Newsstand Near You!

Turkey season is just around the corner, and Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine is back with its Spring 2018 issue that’s sure to get you even more fired up for the season. Inside you’ll get hard-hitting, practical information you can add directly to your arsenal and take straight into the turkey woods.

A Revolutionary Ground Blind From Primos

Pop-up blinds have proven to be ideal for deer hunting, but they always have a blind spot – until now. The Primos Double Bull SurroundView Blind is made with one-way, see-through walls. This offers maximum visibility of your surroundings while remaining totally concealed.
Watch free hunting TV shows online

New: DeerHunter.TV Offers Free Online Deer Hunting TV Shows

IOLA, Wis. and NEW YORK – Deer & Deer Hunting, America’s first and foremost whitetail hunting source, and Sportsrocket, a leading provider of custom media solutions to the sports industry, today announced the launch of DeerHunter.TV, a robust, multiplatform digital TV channel offering free-to-watch online deer hunting and outdoors video content....

The Truth About Cooking With Venison

There is little risk in eating venison, and the nutritional advantages of eating white-tailed deer meat more than cancel out any concerns. It was a most unexpected request. One of my best friends, Dr. W. C.Z. (his real initials), had tasted venison at dinner one night at our house. The very...

The Magic of Venison Stew

Something about a savory stew warms the heart and soothes the soul. Maybe it’s the ingredients — meat tenderized by a few hours of simmering, hearty vegetables taking a natural place alongside the feature meat, a thick and rich broth that ties all of the flavors together but doesn’t overwhelm them....