Blue Eyed Deer

I started hunting with my husband three years ago. I didn’t get a deer the first year, last year I got 2 does and a small fork. This year has been really tough, it has been warm and windy a lot and very little snow. I went out Sat. after Thanksgiving and got this three point, my biggest deer yet..The deer had the brightes blue eyes I have ever seen on any animal. A falsh was used when the picture was taken, otherwise there was no photo editing or alteration of any kind. Any one else ever see a blue eyed deer?

Name: Kelli Smith
City: Bozeman
State: Montana

2 thoughts on “Blue Eyed Deer

  1. cpolarbear

    Kelli, were the deer’s eyes blue when you were looking at them outside of this picture, becasue I agree with Allen, in a pic with a flash, this is what a deer’s eyes will reflect back, like red eye in a human…

  2. Allen Carlson

    i think the flash was on and the light reflected back to the camera . like when your driving down the road and the headlights hit their eyes …..

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