December 2009 Issue

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About us

was developed under the direction of white-tailed deer hunters offering comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques — the type of editorial no one else has been able to imitate. Click here to learn more.

Inside This Issue

• Exclusive! Photos of 27-point buck

• Dan Schmidt opens a time capsule. What he finds is nothing short of amazing. Click here to read his "Editor’s Stump" column.

• Dr. Phillip Bishop gives the final word in the dead space debate.

• When it came to real-world, deer shooting advice, Dad and Grandpa really did know best. Keith R. McCaffery recalls nine essential proverbs.

• Steve Bartylla looks at decoy tactics that work.

• Minor changes in bullet, powder or primer can result in major improvements to your muzzleloader’s accuracy. Use these tips from Chad Schearer for the best results.

• Charles J. Alsheimer introduces a deer management concept that puts reality and herd health ahead of frustration and pie-in-the-sky goals.

• An early winter can wipe out fawns, diminish productivity and even halt the rut, John J. Ozoga explains.

•  Les Davenport reveals five states that offer better-than-average odds for do-it-yourself big-buck hunts.

• The most important bones in a deer’s body are in the spine. Dr. Phillip Bishop shows why hunters shouldn’t forget that.

• Just because the final sun of the season sets doesn’t mean darkness has to follow. Perhaps, writes Rev. Zeke Pipher, hunters need a break to truly appreciate the sport.