Deer & Deer Hunting March 2010 Issue

About us

was developed under the direction of white-tailed deer hunters offering comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques — the type of editorial no one else has been able to imitate. Click here to learn more.

Inside This Issue

• Editor Dan Schmidt reflects on the biggest noisemakers in the deer woods – squirrels. Click here to read his “Editor’s Stump” column.

• A deer hunter returns to the hunting grounds of his youth.

• Repeated trips to the woods are a very real obstacle to consistent success. However, if you understand how hunting pressure affects deer, you can actually devise tactics to take advantage of it.  Steve Bartylla has the expert insights.

• When it comes to converging ecotones, waterways, rock formations and boundary lines, mature whitetails see things much differently than we do. Ron Rohrbaugh has more.

• When the heat is on, big bucks often seek solitude in the darnedest places. Bill Vaznis reveals the Top 7 overlooked spots where you’ll have high odds of rousting a buck this gun season.

• Even as this season unfolds, Les Davenport writes, you should be formulating much-needed changes to your hunting tactics. If you do, you might never have to proclaim out of frustration, “Wait until next year!” ever again.

• Collecting and analyzing key harvest data from every deer you and your hunting partners shoot can reveal important trends in your local whitetail population.  Bret Owsley explains why.

• Scientific research indicates that many chemical compounds found in the urine of both white-tailed bucks and does are hormone-dependent. John J. Ozoga examines the importance of these findings and how they might unlock the code to the whitetail’s complex scent communication network.

• Charles J. Alsheimer shares the 10-step hunter-retention plan he devised for the many aspiring hunters and well-meaning parents he’s met during his annual speaking tours.

• Bob Robb provides expert insights into how to tweak your bow rig that will ultimately allow you to shoot tighter groups at longer distances.

• What is the No. 1 question nonhunters ask Joel Spring? You can probably guess, but you might be shocked — or possibly amused — when you read his standard reply.