November 2009 Issue of Deer & Deer Hunting

November 2009 Issue of Deer & Deer HuntingThe November 2009 issue arrived just in time for the start of the fall rut. Have a subscription? You’ll want to get one. D&DH makes for great reading no matter the season.

About us

is not the product of a grandiose plan developed by a publishing house for a group of investors. Rather, the magazine has developed under the direction of white-tailed deer hunters offering comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques — the type of editorial no one else has been able to imitate. Click here to learn more.

Inside This Issue

  • Attitude & Gratitude. A deer hunter’s best tools often come from within.
  • Older = Smarter. D&DH deer behavior editor reveals five things you probably didn’t know about mature bucks.
  • Bones of Contention. Part 1 of a series discussing the whitetail’s front leg and shoulder, how they work and why they affect shots.
  • Where Do Bucks Hide? Older whitetails know where to escape when the pressure is on, and it’s often right under our nose.
  • Cutting Edge Calling Strategies. Become a better hunter by mastering the nuances of snorts, blats, bleats and grunts.


  • Buck shots
  • Deer Browse
  • Whitetail Archery
  • Deer Behavior
  • New Gear
  • And More!

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