September 2009 Issue

The September 2009 issue took to a hunting lodge near you in July. Have a subscription? You’ll want to get one before the season starts.

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About us

was developed under the direction of white-tailed deer hunters offering comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques — the type of editorial no one else has been able to imitate. Click here to learn more.

Inside This Issue

• Steve Bartylla offers six steps to better tree stand placement. 

• Charles J. Alsheimer reveals the best times to hunt this fall. 

• In "5 Reasons Why You Can’t Call Deer," Scott Bestul shows how to learn the whitetail language.
First, get over your insecurities. Then learn the whitetail language, and you’ll start bagging more bucks. 

• The once-respected theory that most does are bred by older, mature bucks is simply not true.  Bob Zaiglin explains.

• Archery success all boils down to careful scouting, perfect timing and dedicated scent control.  Follow Chris Eberhart’s advice and you’ll be golden.

• A study sheds new light on surplus killing of deer by gray wolves. John J. Ozoga takes a closer look.

• Wearing a safety harness is a must while tree-stand hunting, writes Dr. Phillip Bishop, but it won’t save you if you don’t know how to get out of it.

• A simple approach and positive attitude are the normal guy’s best deer hunting tools, according to Tom Carpenter. 

• Healthy white-tailed does have a greater impact on a property’s future hunting potential than well-fed bucks. Matt Harper has the scoop.

• Adaptable whitetails are pushing mule deer out of their established ranges, according to Les Davenport. What does this mean for the future of Western deer hunting?

• Lance Barret recalls a final wish that helps a son remember what hunting is all about.

• Editor Dan Schmidt introduces "Vital Information," a resource no camp should be without.