Deer & Deer Hunting June 2011

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Deer & Deer Hunting magazineInside This Issue

• Use these seven proven tactics to improve your odds in the woods this fall.

• A top archer offers tips to set up a bow-hunting rig specially tailored to white-tailed deer pursuit.

• Adhere to this code of honor, and watch as your fortunes change.

• Management practices are often the biggest culprits in reduced fawn survival rates.

• We’ve been prodding each other to “take a kid hunting” for years. Is anyone listening?

• Mel Johnson’s buck has stood as Pope & Young’s top-scoring typical whitetail for 45 years. Will the giant 12-pointer ever fall from bow-hunting’s top spot?

• Here are time-proven tips that will help keep your crossbow in tip-top shape.

• An in-depth look at the shot angle that leaves little room for error: the brisket.

D&DH‘s editors reveal their top picks from this year’s crop of new products.

• Like the animal he hunts, a true whitetail hunter is a conglomeration of many things.

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