Grilled Venison Backstraps and the Strangest Video You’ve Ever Seen

Grilled tenderloin with bacon, spices, jalapenos and whatever you want to add is a great way to enjoy a successful hunt.

Grilled tenderloin with bacon, spices, jalapenos and whatever you want to add is a great way to enjoy a successful hunt.

Down here in the Southeast we have a little snack cake called a Moon Pie, which is quite revered as a genuine southern tradition for lazy summer days fishing for catfish or bluegills or a good addition to a deer camp lunch.

The Moon Pie was created in Chattanooga. Some folks love ’em and some, well, they would rather have something else. It’s a combo of a marshmallow filling sandwiched between two soft graham cracker cookies and covered with chocolate, vanilla, banana or some other flavor. I prefer those three. Anything else is foreign to me, like adding sugar to cornbread.

Puffed rice cake pastries are favored in Japan, and the old method of creating them seen in the video below is quite interesting. How does this relate to deer hunting? Not much, but it’s a cool video about a traditional method and hunters like tradition, right?

Take a look.


Ah, yeah. Those little puffed rice cakes may be darn tasty but that’s a heck of a process!

Chris Cupples supplied this easy, super recipe for our “We Kill It, We Grill It” cookbook, which is packed with 125 pages of recipes. Cupples suggests stuffing the backstrap before grilling. You could do this by coring the backstrap, or you can learn to butterfly your backstraps easily with this video that uses a pork tenderloin (but it’s the same process).

Give this recipe a try and enjoy.

Jalapeno, Cream Cheese and Bacon Backstraps
Allegro Hot and Spicy Marinade
Jalapeno peppers
Cream cheese
Barbecue sauce

Marinate backstrap overnight in Allegro Hot and Spicy Marinade. The next day, stuff your backstrap with jalapeno and cream cheese. Wrap with bacon. Grill for 10 to 15 minutes or until they are medium rare. Before removing from the grill, brush with barbecue sauce.

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