Hot Gear: Mighty Deer Lick Provides Essential Minerals

Ted and Steve Janke of Powers, Mich., founders of the Mighty Deer Lick and pioneers of the commercial deer feed industry, have launched a new product: Mighty Deer Natural Rock. The new Mighty Deer Natural Rock product is produced from 100 percent pure, natural organic, rock salt. Deer, wildlife and domestic animals love it and you can use it all year around.

GEAR  Natural Rock Mighty Deer LickFor more than 30 years, the Jankes have produced their award-winning Mighty Deer Lick Sweet Apple Block, which continues to be a highly successful product. Over the last few years, they saw industry trends showing a growing customer interest in the use of more natural rock salt products for deer, but noted that some of these products come from as far away as Pakistan. After extensive research and testing, they discovered that the highest quality rock salt in the world comes from right here in the Great Lakes Basin!

The new Mighty Deer Natural Rock product is produced from 100 percent pure, natural organic, Great Lakes Basin rock salt. Trace elements of calcium, magnesium and potassium give Great Lakes Basin rock salt a natural grayish color and make it more desirable to deer, horses, cattle and other wildlife. Red colored rock salts contain higher amounts of iron, making them less attractive to animals while offering an overall lower nutritional value.

Mighty Deer Natural Rock can be fed in a pile on the ground, poured over stumps with or without additional feed such as corn or apples. The Jankes have tested Mighty Deer Natural Rock extensively and have found that mixing 1 cup of Mighty Deer Natural Rock with about 2 gallons of whole kernel corn in a pail and scattering on the ground provides great results; it’s like having gourmet salt on your popcorn, deer really love it!

This product works great for creating mineral sites to maintain and hold the buck of a lifetime, along with attracting deer consistently. Deer, wildlife and domestic animals all love it and you can use it all year around!

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