Hot Gear: New Target, 3D Bows are Sleek and Fast

Most deer hunters don’t hang up their bow when the season ends because they love shooting, whether it’s in 3D competition, Olympic-style competitions, bowfishing or just in the yard with a favorite target.

The new Halon X competition target bow from Mathews.

The new Halon X Comp target bow from Mathews.

Some will use their hunting bow for the competition events, which keeps them in tune with that specific bow and gear. Others switch to a competition bow for the off-season events, with maybe a different setup or arrows and such to more specifically deal with competition.

Mathews Archery has released its newest target bows, the Halonâ X Comp and TRX. Here’s the press release from the company:

For more than two decades, Mathews target bows have been a fixture at the podium of archery competitions. For 2017, we are excited to introduce two of the most accurate target platforms we’ve ever created – the Halon X Comp and TRX.

“Whether you’re pounding X’s on a Vegas face, or competing on the 3D course, this target lineup provides the perfect option for any archer,” stated Mathews Pro Staff Manager Derek Phillips.

“This is hands down the most complete line of target bows we’ve ever offered and I fully expect to see Team Mathews topping podiums this year,” Phillips added.

The 2017 Halon X Comp is our most versatile target bow to date with a 37-inch axle to axle design and draw lengths ranging 26 inches to 32 inches. It features a new generation of the perimeter-weighted Mini-Crosscentric Cam and our highly efficient AVS technology to produce speeds up to 330 feet per second.

The new TRX target competition bow from Mathews.

The new TRX target competition bow from Mathews.

A true-center nocking point on the Halon X Comp ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency and a 7-inch brace height provides unmatched forgiveness.

“Mathews listened to their target shooters. We wanted a longer Halon X, and they delivered,” says IBO National Champion Chris Hacker. “The Halon X Comp is the toughest, most accurate and most forgiving bow yet.”

The TRX is built with indoor shooters in mind. At 40 inches axle to axle and brace-height variations of 7 and 8 inches, it offers superior stability and forgiveness on the line. The newly designed Mini-Crosscentric Cam, paired with our highly efficient AVS technology, yields speeds up to 332 feet per second.

Featuring a true center nocking point to ensure straight and level nock travel, the TRX provides consistent accuracy shot after shot, while our industry-leading damping technology reduces post-shot vibration.

Go to for full specifications, finish options, and more information on the 2017 target bows.