Hot Gear: Scented Candles Upgraded for More Attraction

Hot Trails Scented Hunting Candles and Mini Lantern are small, lightweight, convenient, and simple to use. Just light it, and let the candle and wind do the rest, pushing the scent into the wind and to the game.

gear-hot-trails-scented-candlesCelebrating our 25th year in business, Hot Trails is still a well-guarded secret among successful hunters.

New this year is an upgrade to the candles, which are saturated with scent. In the past they have worked great in the woods and also created scent in dealers’ showrooms, which isn’t always enjoyed. We have new packaging in which the candles are sealed in a plastic snap top bottle, then sealed again on the product card. This makes a convenient way for hunters to keep their candles closed and sealed until ready for use, and keeping the smell contained at retail.

We also have changed our blend of waxes to allow more scent to be retained in the candle which translates to more scent in the woods. Candles are available in these enticing and proven scents: Doe-n-Heat, Dominant Buck, Curiosity, Deer Corn, White Oak Acorn, Deer Apple, Persimmon, Anise for Bear, Honey for Bear, Cinnamon for Bear, Bacon for Bear, and Coyote and Fox Attractant Scent Candles.