Hot Gear: Versatile Alps OutdoorZ Big Bear X

Unless you’re truly a minimalist with virtually zero gear to take into the woods with you, a backpack is one of the most helpful things to have on a hunting trip.

Whether you hunt with a bow or gun most folks have at least a few items to take. Over the years, I’ve had everything from extra bow releases and crossbow cocking ropes to bug dope, water and toilet paper. Snacks! Binos! Flashlights! At some point you run the risk of taking too much, so you have to be judicious. But having a great pack is a huge help.

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear X pack is versatile and helpful in the woods for hunting, scouting or camera survey work.

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear X pack is versatile and helpful in the woods for hunting, scouting or camera survey work.

Check out this versatile pack that might fit into your plans for hunting, scouting or off-season hikes with the family. Here’s the press release:

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme line of hunting packs combines top-quality materials with the most intelligent and practical design features made specifically for hunters.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear X is a great example of a pack that highlights the benefits of having the input of hunters into the design features of a pack. Like all of the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme packs the Big Bear X is constructed with 1680 ballistic nylon, which is exceptionally tough and abrasion resistant. Stress points are reinforced with Hypalon. These materials assure that zippers keep working, corners don’t tear out, straps don’t fall off, and you can stuff the pack heavy for years without wearing out.

Another important note that makes the Big Bear X so useful to hunters is the way in which the practical features and flexibility are designed into the pack. This pack is two packs in one: It can be used as a lumbar pack when you roll up the top compartment, or as a full daypack if you extend the upper compartment.

If you just need to carry a few things, the fanny pack gives you 800 square inches of room with the comfort of a strap-vest style harness. If you are carrying a full load, the day pack section adds another 1,900 square inches, for 2,700 square inches total.

The pack has two side pockets, a front pocket, and the main compartment. Plus, a waist belt with two zip-up pockets in the front, allowing you easy access to key pieces of gear without having to remove the pack when you are heading to and from your stand.

The design flexibility also extends to the Big Bear X’s bow hook. It fixes onto the side of the pack – so your bow is always in reach – with an adjustable and removable holder. Left-handed hunters will be pleased to find that the Big Bear X has been configured so that the bow hook can attach to either side of the waist belt, so you are ready to go no matter which hand you want to use to grab the bow.

For added comfort, the waist belt is constructed of molded foam, as is the back padding.

The result is a practical hunting pack that adjusts to any conditions. Whether it’s a short afternoon hunt in warm weather or an all-day hunt in the cold, it’s one pack that does it all, keeps you comfortable and won’t wear out.

-Two Packs in One
-Fanny Pack Expands into Day Pack
-Lycra Shoulder Straps for Added Comfort
-1680D Nylon Ballistics Used Throughout the Pack for Unmatched Strength
-Hypalon Used at Lashing Points
-Molded Foam Waist Belt for Added Comfort with Two Easy to Access Pockets
-Adjustable/Removable Bow Hook Allows You to Hang Your Bow by Your Side While You Rest
-Bow Hook Attaches to Either Side of the Waist Belt for Right or Left Handed Shooters
-Two Side Pockets, One Front and Main Pocket

-Fanny Pack Capacity: 800 in³ / 13L
-Day Pack Capacity: 1900 in³ / 31L
-Total Capacity: 2700 in³ / 44L
-Weight: 3 lbs. 10 oz.

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