June 2010 Issue

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was developed under the direction of white-tailed deer hunters offering comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques — the type of editorial no one else has been able to imitate. Click here to learn more.

Inside This Issue

D&DH editors reveal the top new bow- and gun-hunting gear they saw at this year’s trade shows. Here are the top 50 new products.

Some folks hate hunting in the rain. Others dream of wind spray, sleet and snow. Al Cornell explains.

A properly trained dog can increase shed hunting enjoyment and put more antlers in your pack. Sharon and Roger Sigler have the details.

Matt Harper offers seed choices and planting tips for early season archery success.

Dr. Phillip Bishop and Dr. Matt Green take a closer look at the whitetail’s amazing ability to dodge arrows.

Don Higgins ignores rubs, scrapes and tracks to kill more mature bucks.

Has the QDM bubble burst? Charles J. Alsheimer looks into this possibility.

John Eberhart has seven tips for hunting bucks that don’t act like the ones you see on TV.

A doe’s defense of her fawns requires lots of energy, and can be dangerous, but it plays a critical role in herd survival.y John J. Ozoga

Increased populations of whitetail predators bring negative consequences beyond depressed deer harvests. Dr. Valerius Geist sheds light on Hydatid Disease.