Introducing the Mathews DXT

Thin is in. That’s because Mathews continues to redefine cutting-edge archery equipment for bowhunters by introducing the new-for-2008 DXT: its latest SlimLimb bow. The DXT gives you the perfect balance between power and exceptional accuracy. 

So what’s different about the new DXT?

For starters, it’s shorter at just 29-3/4 inches axle-to-axle, the DXT is terrific in tight quarters. It’s lighter at just 3.75 pounds, the DXT will be a welcome companion on the trek up the mountain or across the cornfield. And it’s faster cranking out 322 feet per second, the DXT lets you connect with deer fast when you release your arrow. In other words: this is a bow giving serious whitetail hunters a tactical edge. 

Sure, ‘Thin is in’ but the DXT’s SlimLimbs not only give the bow a streamlined appearance  the new design also cuts down on unnecessary weight. SlimLimbs are tough, too. The DXT’s SlimLimbs are constructed of next generation SE4 composite that will last twice as long as traditional, lifetime-guaranteed limbs. That means when the moment of truth comes, you can draw on deer with confidence.

The DXT features Mathews’ new Lost Camo: The exclusive new camouflage pattern designed specifically with bowhunters in mind.

The DXT retails for $859. For more information, contact Mathews at (608) 269-2728.