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Japanese honeysuckle

Honeysuckle Is No Friend to Habitat

In the January 2011 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, Tes Jolly presented an informative piece on how Southern landowners have used pre-established honeysuckle to their benefit as a deer browse source. By Daniel E. Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief One thing we should have done a better job at (and I will take blame for this) is that landowners...

Ernest Hemingway burger recipe  from Hemingway Museum in Cuba

Would Venison Help Make Hemingway’s Burger Better?

Ernest Hemingway is, or was, a lot of things: writer, bon vivant, drinker, hunter, angler, probably a bully at times, world traveler and lover of good food and beverage. A couple of years ago Hemingway’s papers and such were released by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. These include items ranging from...

Christmas in July

Save Big Bucks to Hunt Bucks with Christmas in July!

  Wow! It’s Christmas in July and you can get some fantastic savings at on hunting gear, cookbooks, digital downloads for food plots and hunting strategy, clothing, calendars and much more! Be sure to visit and start browsing all the great deals!

Dr Jim Brauker with poison ivy

Hey Deer Hunters, Does Poison Ivy Drive You Crazy?

I don’t know how many times I’ve had poison ivy over the years but I’m fortunate that it’s not as bad as some folks I’ve seen who must be more sensitive to it. I’ve never really had such a terrible case, at least that I can recall, that it would scare children or make...

Gordy Krahn says the Cooking Venison Digital Download Kit is a great resource for home and camp.

Gordy Krahn’s Pick of the Day: DDH 2015 Whitetail Calendar

  If you’re geared toward planning and organization when it comes to deer hunting, you definitely should take a hard look at the fantastic Deer & Deer Hunting 2015 Whitetail Calendar. It’s jammed with information and you’ll love it if: You want to know when the 2015 rut will peak, You want to plan your vacation...

CWD deer 5 Photo Credit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Second Positive CWD Test Has DNR Officials on Alert

A second white-tailed deer has been found to be positive for chronic wasting disease, putting state wildlife officials on more alert as they work to see if there’s a connection between the two deer. Here is the press release about the latest situation: The Michigan departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture and Rural Development...

Understanding Ballistics

Alan Clemons’ Pick of the Day: Understanding Ballistics

When it comes to picking the right bullet and ammunition for your deer hunting rifle, muzzleloader or handgun the choices can be overwhelming. Do you want a bullet with a lead or ballistic tip? What grain size works best for your gun and why? Is something smaller and faster far better than heavier and,...


Two Busted For Alleged Deer Poaching in Closed Season

Vermont state game wardens charged two Northeast Kingdom men recently for allegedly poaching several deer during March and April in the Stannard area. On June 22, game wardens, assisted by officers from the Hardwick Police Department, executed a search warrant at the residence of Shawn Bell, 37, of Greensboro and based on evidence gathered...


Can Deer Really Hear Better than Humans?

Because deer have rather large ears, it makes sense that they can hear better than humans, right? Or can they? Many hunters assume that because deer have ears three times bigger than ours they can probably hear three times better. Some unpublished data from Art Stattleman of the University of Georgia tried to quantify...