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Seek the Most Exciting, Challenging, Insanely Fun Hunting Season of Your Life!

Ted Nugent hunts more than 300 days a year and is fired up every single time he's in the woods!

Ted Nugent hunts more than 300 days a year and is fired up every single time he’s in the woods!

Sound the killer alarm y’all, for it is Thursday, OCTOBER 2, 2014!

Are you kidding me! Can it be? Has IT finally arrived? October? THE month all reasoning predators so anxiously await for with baited breath and baited treestands? Our sacred, effervescent, stunning, colorful, glorious, soul stimulating, nerve slamming, psyche pummeling, triggerfinger twitching, backstrap craving, Spirit of the Wild unleashed heart pounding favorite month of October?


By Ted Nugent

Well that explains the shorthairs on the back of my neck dancing wildly and vibrating like so much seaweed in the waves of a torrent. That explains the bug-eyed stare into every patch of fields and woods. That explains the face stretching grins aglow across the hinterland as millions upon millions of American hunting families scramble intensely to hit the deerwoods every morning and every evening we can possibly manipulate our life schedules to immerse ourselves deep into God’s best design of all-the miraculous perfection of predator and prey, tooth, fang and claw, natural sustain yield season of harvest, where the beasts call out our names and beckon us to join them in the wilds of the stomping grounds to kill and eat the annual surplus of the best damn renewable protein found on planet earth.

Ted salutes all the Backstrap BloodBrothers out in the field!

Ted salutes all the Backstrap BloodBrothers out in the field!

I was going to say “I don’t know about you….. “  but in fact I do know about you, because you are reading another NugeBlog by the hopelessly addicted backstrapping guitarplayer that lives this deerhunting life just as intensely as most of you do, and when I say we crave it, I know for a fact that I am speaking for the vast majority of hunters around the world that live to hunt and hunt  to live.

Welcome to the coolest party available to mankind. Let us get it on, shall we!

I know many of you have already brought the beast to bag, and I congratulate and salute you early season strappers who couldn’t wait for October to show up.

I am proud to be one of you and have the bloody arrows and precious backstraps to prove it.

It’s worth repeating a stanza from my rock-n-roll masterpiece “Workin Hard Playing Hard”  that I recorded on my Cat Scratch Fever record way back in 1977. The lyrics reflect the czars of prioritization like me and many of you who strategized early on in our lives to maximize our hunting time simply for the fact that our sacred hunting time brought us such immeasurable quality of life. Afterall, we are indeed hunters by design.

The one verse goes like this: “Now it’s my turn to show my stuff. It’s sometimes fun, it’s sometimes rough. I’m working hard to earn my way, but lucky me my work is play.”

I so loved and craved making music that it was inevitable that music would be my life, my avocation and my life supporting vocation.

Thusly, I so maniacally craved and loved my hunting that it too was destined to be much more than just a casual hobby in my life.

Rocking and touring fulltime made me realize that the spirit and stealth of my hunting powerfully fortified the authority of my music, and vice versa, the loud, high velocity of my musical career set me up to immensely value and appreciate my quiet predator time beyond the sonic bombast of concrete jungle hell of my musical adventures.

Like all of you, I work as hard as I can humanly push myself in order to take maximum time to hunt. Eventually the intensity of my hunting celebration in the media ignited enough fires to push me into creating a guiding and outfitting business, Sunrize Safaris, and eventually create the number one rated hunting TV show, our beloved Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on Outdoor Channel.

Now that ladies and gentlemen constitutes one hell of a dreamy American Dream.

Say Hallelujah and pass the arrows, ammo and butter and garlic! Predators, we have liftoff!

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So a super duper ultra Happy Happy October to you all, and may you have the most exciting, challenging, insanely FUN hunting season of your life.

May you discover new and improved ways to get out there more often. May you discover more and better ways to inspire your family and friends to get out there more often, and may your strategies and stealth develop you into the most deadly predator you have ever been.

May the beast drop its guard on occasion, and may you be oh so cocked, locked and ready to rock do to take full advantage of the opportunities as they unfold before you.

May your spirit radar be absorbing at maximum capacity so you see, hear, smell and feel the most exhilarating sensual overloads of your life.

Ted Nugent deerAnd may your bullets and arrows fly true, as all that dedicated, disciplined aim small miss small practice pay off, and may your freezers bulge with God’s greatest gifts of protein ever.

Say Happy October to everyone you meet. Wear your hunter camo and orange everywhere you go as you politely smile, open doors for people, waive others into preferred parking spots, assisting others with groceries and in any and every way you can, leave good tips, and remind everyone everywhere how thoughtful, kind and better the hunters of America truly are.

Suck it all in my Spirit BloodBrothers. This is the only October 2014 we will ever get to celebrate. Celebrate it like you mean it with everything you got, and I just know the beasts will be yours.

Good hunting, goodluck, Godbless & Godspeed. Be safe and live every minute of every October day like it could be you last. October; this is our time.

Do You Know What Day It Is? No, it’s not humpday. But it is time for you to check out something cool that can keep your deer hunting spirit fired up until the season opens. Learn more here …