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The Ultimate Venison Celebration

 Venison Tenderloin

For the ultimate deer-camp celebration, immediately remove your deer’s inside tenderloins after getting the deer back to camp. The inside tenderloins are the most delectable cut of venison. They hug the rear portion of the deer’s spine on the inside of the stomach cavity. For an appetizer, wash the tenderloin in cold water and pat dry with toweling. Slice cross-grain into medallion-sized pieces and pan fry in butter and garlic. Serve with buttered toast and a cold beverage.

Tracy and I enjoyed these tenderloins this past weekend. Who else had success? What is your favorite way to enjoy venison tenderloin?

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Venison Celebration

  1. Kathy Krueger

    We had a great closing night feast last Saturday with the gang. Kurt and I have fixed this recipe for years after friends in Florida fixed this for us. Venison tenderloin- sliced in medalions- merinated in lite soy sauce seasoned with cracked pepper and parsley flakes about 30 to 45 min (no more or it gets too salty). Dredge in flour and fry in equal amounts butter and olive oil until done to desired doneness. It’s mouth watering! I like to serve it with a side of homemade wild rice casserole. Add a nice red wine and good friends and it’s one elegent meal!

  2. James

    We had some fresh butterflied back straps from my wife’s first-ever deer! She got a doe Sunday night in Minnesota, and we enjoyed some steaks Monday night. This recipe was given to me this year, and is the best venison marinade I’ve ever had: Equal parts olive oil and soy sauce to cover meat, 1 heaping tsp of each: basil, garlic and rosemary. Soak at least 1 hour.

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