Venison Recipe: Deer Eggs

Reader Kris Faulkenberry sent in this recipe for Deer Eggs. Kris says these “eggs” will “make your tongue beat your brains out.”

Deer Eggs

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This recipe is from the We Kill It We Grill It book. Click the cover to order it.

1) Take venison cube steak and cut it in strips (4″x2″).

2) Seal in a plastic bag and marinate with worcestershire sauce for 8 hours.

3) Take the strips out of the bag. Put a small block of pepper jack cheese, small piece of onion and small piece of green pepper onto a strip.

4) Roll the cube steak up around the items and wrap with bacon. Put toothpick through to hold bacon in place. These are your “eggs.”

5) Heat grill and place “eggs” on grill. Sprinkle with Greek seasoning and cook til bacon is done.

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