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What in the heck is a Skin-N-Buddy? The Bargain Blogger wasn’t sure, but the great discount tempted him to investigate. Turns out it’s a do-it-all skinning tool. Granted, it won’t help field dress a deer. But once you get it hanging, it looks like this is what you need.

Here’s the rundown:

The Skin-N-Buddy™ is a multi-purpose tool for field dressing, skinning, removing the hide and butchering of wild game such as deer, antelope, elk, moose, hogs and a variety of other game. The Skin-N-Buddy™ aids in removing the hide from an animal without having to grasp the hide with one’s bare hands. The Skin-N-Buddy™ also helps prevent the chance of injury to hands and fingers. The Skin-N-Buddy ™ can also be used as a meat hook and a sharpening stone, for quick and easy sharpening is also included.

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