Best of Destination Whitetail Deer Hunting Available on DVD

Nominated for the Sportsman Channel “Sportsman Choice Awards” Best New Series following the inaugural 2012 season, Destination Whitetail became an instant success with hunters around the country.



Now, fans of the hugely popular series can relive the action and revisit some of the outdoor industry’s most prolific personalities with theDestination Whitetail: Best of Season 1 DVD.

The first season of Destination Whitetail took viewers beyond the hunt to celebrate the culture and traditions of the people who hunt whitetail deer. The series’ first DVD highlights six of the season’s most outstanding episodes. Each carefully selected episode offers viewers a peek into the diversity of the unique world of deer hunting.

Cameras capture the excitement and anticipation of the opening day of firearm deer season in Wisconsin and travel to two northern Minnesota cities to investigate urban bow hunting.

The DVD features episodes on Florida beaches and with Ray Scott of the Whitetail Institute in central Alabama and the famed “Black Belt.” Viewers can return to Alabama to visit with the Alabama Dog Hunting Association’s hunting club president, who shares the rich history and current process of dog hunting for whitetails.

Destination Whitetail: Best of Season 1 DVD also allows viewers to experience an exclusive hunt with Ted Nugent, who invites cameras into his annual birthday bash at his iconic Texas ranch.

Fans of the show and hunting enthusiasts can pick up their copy of Destination Whitetail: Best of Season 1  by clicking here now.