Big Bucks

Read expert advice from hunters who consistently shoot big bucks, and browse through success stories about big bucks in this section of Whether you like to simply see pictures of big bucks with large antlers, or you want to read advice for getting a shot on the biggest bucks in your area, this is the column for you. For more big bucks, choose from our best three big-buck books today.

– Tom Miranda, Whitetail SLAM: The Rut Hunters
– Pat and Nicole Reeve: Trophy Whitetails.
– Duncan Dobie: Legendary Whitetails III.

Steve Bartylla experience has given him plenty of successes and failures to learn from.

Big Buck Secrets is Packed with Great Deer Hunting Insight

While there is a wealth of available knowledge on hunting trophy bucks, very little of this information actually comes from someone who hunts in the same places, or even the same conditions, as their audience. Because of this disparity, it often becomes unrealistic to follow this type of how-to information, as little of it...

Stephen Tucker of Gallatin, Tenn., dropped this potential world record nontypical buck with his muzzleloader. It green scored just over 308 inches and is undergoing the mandatory 60-day drying period for official Boone & Crockett Club scoring.

B&C Confirms Largest Hunter-Killed Nontypical Whitetail

The Boone and Crockett Club has reviewed and accepted the scoring of the nontypical record book buck killed in November 2016 by Stephen Tucker in Tennessee. Tucker shot a 47-point buck that scored 312+ on the third day of Tennnessee’s 2016 muzzleloader season. He was hunting from a ground blind on private land that...

Brooke Merrill with her buck that almost caused her to miss her bridal shower!

She Almost Missed Her Bridal Shower for This Great Buck!

The bridal-shower crisis actually began six years earlier when Brooke started dating her now husband, Daniel Merrell. Daniel, an avid hunter, asked Brooke to accompany him on a hunt as an observer, and that first year he tagged a buck. By the third year, she wanted her own chance at a buck. “I was...

The Gilbert crew with Lenny's Delaware giant, shot on Nov. 12 while the trio was hunting private land in the south-central portion of the state.

Buckshots: Family Deer Hunt and Buck of a Lifetime

Deer hunting often is about being in the right place at the right time, which is exactly what happened to Lenny Gilbert IV during his trip to southern Delaware in November. Gilbert was in camp with his father, Lenny III, and younger brother, Brandon, the second week of November for their annual hunt. Gilbert...

Bucks learn and adapt, with some of them becoming what hunters believe are reclusive and never showing themselves during the day.

Reclusive Bucks: Whitetails Easily Adapt to Man, Development

The almost full-grown button buck fawn clumsily picked its way through the thick brush directly behind its mom. Sometimes they would get separated, more common now that the fawn was rather independent, but a bleat from the fawn allowed the doe to relocate her offspring and they would continue on their daily journey. Once...

Gary Barenz of Wisconsin with his stunning gagger whitetail, which measured more than 214 inches and had a double droptine. Wow!

Stunning Double-Droptine Giant Scores 214 Inches

Gary Barenz, a longtime and close friend of the D&DH team, had an encounter with the buck of a lifetime on Oct. 25 and, without a doubt, made the most of it. Barenz was hunting in Waukesha County, Wis., with his crossbow when this stupendous buck stepped within range. Just watching it would certainly...

Ross Weber

Buckshots: Firefighter Extinguishes Wisconsin Brute

When Ross Weber got into his stand on Oct. 13, 2015, he was hoping that he might get a chance at a big buck working the area — at the time, though, he didn’t know just how big that buck would end up being. And why would he even think a monster would show up?...