Another Amazing Fawn Encounter

I experienced a unique doe/fawn encounter just before nightfall last night. With
a thunderstorm approaching, I decided to make a final check of the bark moats around
my newly planted trees and shrubs in my backyard. As I neared my fallow field, I jumped
an adult doe. She was bedded in the middle of the field, and she took just a few bounds,
stopped and started circling me. She snorted as she was circling, almost as if to
taunt me to follow her. I could see the grass matted down where she had been bedded,
so I stepped forward to investigate and immediately found a newborn fawn. It was not
very old, because the afterbirth was still intact on the ground next to the fawn.

The fawn was curled up like a cotton-tailed rabbit. I backed away from the birth site
and watched the doe for a few more minutes. Her behavior reminded me of a killdeer
plover…trying to distract my attention from her offspring to lure me away. I returned
to the site at first light this morning in hopes of getting some photos, but, alas,
the doe must have moved the fawn back to a neighboring woodlot overnight. What amazed
me the most was last night’s storm was pretty severe. We received nearly 2 inches
of rain and high winds. The fact that the doe had to nurse the fawn (to provide initial
colostrum) and clean up all the afterbirth, etc., before moving her newborn to safety
is especially intriguing, because she obviously performed all of those duties in the
midst of a downpour.

–Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor

One thought on “Another Amazing Fawn Encounter


    It’s that time of year and I had a fawn encouter last week myself while at my Central Texas lease. While moving to a tree at a pinch point on the road, I jump a very young fawn in the grass on the field side of our North entrance. I had picked that location since we have had some vandelism on our property and was mounting a trail camera in hopes of getting some licence plates (Long by typical story).

    The way the deer ran in front of me, I was glad that I didn’t have my lab with me, the chase would have been on! It made me think though this week about the coyotees,we have our fair share! I am going to do my part and set up and call some in the morning!! Hopefully I’ll get lucky, at least I’ll see a beautiful Texas sunrise!Posted by: jim nesbitt

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