Big Buck Alert!

Our friend Adam Wogsland of Iola, Wis., brought this dandy 4.5-year-old buck
to our offices yesterday. He arrowed the 150-inch 10-pointer the previous evening
while hunting a patch of oak woods.

“I got set up in my tree stand around 5:15 p.m.,” Adam said.  “At 5:30, I grunted
three long grunts followed by a series of three short grunts.  Around 5:50 p.m.,
he came down a trail behind me, and I was able to stop him at about 6 yards and made
a solid double lung shot.  He went around 75 yards and piled up.  I was
about 30 yards off of a third-crop hayfield and 20 yards from a corn field. 
He was traveling through an area that splits the two fields and has a couple of crab
apple trees and a bunch of sumac trees.”

Congrats to Adam on one mighty fine early season whitetail!

Note: Adam’s Cuddeback photo is of the same buck from last year. The photos below
show a right-side shed found earlier this year and gives you a good idea of how much
larger this year’s antler was by comparison.




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    spencer has never scene that big of a buck in his life, nice job go iola!Posted by: tanner olson

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