Brad Ends Season On a High Note

What a difference a few days can make…especially during the Southern rut. Just
four days after Dan, Charlie and Chris left near-80-degree temperatures in Alabama,
I traveled down and was greeted with outstanding cool weather.

Gun Digest Editor Brian Lovett, Whitetail News Editor Bart Landsverk and NAHC Editor
Gordy Krahn, were also hunting with our good friends from
Whitetail Institute, Wilson and Steve Scott. They manage a pretty good
chunk of land and even though the deer are not as large here as their
Northern cousins, you get to see a lot of them, and normally have a
chance to shoot a mature deer in just a few days.

Weather was perfect. Average temps in the morning were in the mid 30s with high temps
in the low 50s. Deer would be definitely on the move with the peak of the rut yet

I was fortunate enough to shoot a 4.5 year old buck on the second
night of the hunt. I was sitting over a 6-acre destination plot and
right at prime time he came out into the field at around 225 yards. We
were fortunate to have a large group of does right next to the stand and
the buck slowly worked his way towards the stand. I took the shot when
he was right around 100 yards away and dropped him right in his tracks.

It was a great way to end the hunting season. Best of all, D&DH-TV Producer Chris
Hermans captured the entire hunt on film. This will be included in a 2008 episode
of the show, which will begin airing again during the second quarter on Outdoor Channel.

–Brad Rucks
D&DH Publisher


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