Davenport Scores in Wyoming

We are all things whitetail, but we couldn’t help but share this happy-hunter
photo with all of you! D&DH Contributing Editor Les Davenport shot this dandy
mule deer buck last week while hunting with his wife, Connie, in Wyoming. Les shot
the buck after a thrilling spot-and-stalk adventure. Congratulations, Les!

Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor

PS: In case you are wondering (I was!), the camo pattern Les was wearing is a new
pattern developed by his friend, Carlos Gonzales. It’s called Grouse Wind Camo and
is tailored from the color of a sage grouse. For more information, check out this
link www.Grousewingcamo.com


One thought on “Davenport Scores in Wyoming

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Congradulations Les, That is a real nice mulely, complete with brow tines! Great job!Posted by: Russell Wood

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