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Posted by Jacob Edson, D&DH associate editor
Last week Deer & Deer Hunting publisher Brad Rucks and I attended the first-ever
Industry Bow-hunting Round Table hosted by Media Direct. The event offered a select
group of media members the chance to meet with some of the largest manufacturers of
bow-hunting equipment to learn about their newest products and even test those items
out. The following are a few highlights fromdreamseason.jpg the
three-day event. This is just a tiny taste: For a complete guide to the hottest new
products of the season check out the Deer & Deer Hunting Equipment Annual available
July 15.

One of the most exciting new products we tried is the X-Force
Dream Season Bow from PSE. The new bow features all the features and performance of
the X-Force (including a blistering IBO speed of 340 fps) with a forgiving 7-inch
brace height. The extreme speed not only creates more arrow energy, it produces a
flatter trajectory that forgives some error in range estimation.

Another exciting release is from Carbon Express. The new Aramid KV arrows are made
with a layer of Kevlar and are Carbon Express’ strongest shafts to date. We got a
chance to shoot the arrows into a concrete barrier, and I was wowed by their durability.
However, it was the extreme high-speed footage that demonstrated how the Built-in
Weight Forward design stabilizes the arrow in flight that really blew my socks off.
For those of you who would like to see it, Carbon Express will be offering a DVD to
dealers later this summer.
Tanja Washburn, of New Archery Products, brought along the Nightmare broadhead for
review. The offset blades and Trivex point offer increased accuracy, but also promise
gaping entry and exit wounds. Washburn also gave the attendees a “sneak peak” of a
new broadhead set to debut in August. All I can say is watch for this head in later
issues of D&DH, you will be impressed.

one of the coolest new products we got to try out was the Epic video recorder by Stealth
Cam. This tiny camera can be mounted virtually anywhere and provides VGA quality resolution
and SD compatible memory with up to 200 minutes of video at 30 frames per second.
The camera will retail for less than $200 and can be mounted to a bow, gun, tree stand,
hat or just about anything else.

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