How a Marine Sniper Hunts Deer: A 950-Foot Shot on a Deer

This amazing long-range deer hunt has been making the e-mail circuit as of late.
We do not know where this was filmed, and we cannot verify the distance claims of
the alleged “950-yard shot.” However, from the video work, it does appear legitimate.
D&DH does not condone taking such shots on deer-sized game in any circumstances,
even if a hunter has advanced shooting skills. Even on a lethal hit, a deer could
get up and run, making a possible recovery extremely difficult, if not impossible.
Although this one example is impressive to view, we believe the decision to take such
a shot is irresponsible.

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One thought on “How a Marine Sniper Hunts Deer: A 950-Foot Shot on a Deer


    Sirs, My very good friend, Cpl S.G. Nidty, USArmy Sniper, 23rd artillary Unit, Milwaukee, WI was able to demonstrate his marksmans skills two years ago when he brought his army issued Remington Mod #700 in 308 cal., along with his Leupold 12 power scope, just like the ones sold at our local sptg goods store; This man was putting centers in 8" paper plates at 1000 meters, very consistantly. That wd be close to the distance purportedly on the questioned video. I have no doubt my friend could indeed drop a deer sized animal, (even smaller0 at 950 yds, if indeed they are taught to ‘take out’ enemy at 1000 meters thru the head. Sorry to be this graphic, but this is not only in the realm of possibility it could mean the soldiers life as well as those he was directly responsible for. A sportsman, that is not the question; But it can be done!!! Posted by: Dr. R. H. Smitt

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