Netzer Arrows Heavyweight

Submitted by Craig Netzer, D&DH Associate Publisher

I observed this deer for over 45 minutes at the far end of our food plot. I
didn’t think he was going to come close enough to shoot until another 8 point
entered the plot from the opposite end. I was trying to get a good look at
the second 8 point and before I knew it, he closed to within 75 yards and was in my
shooting lane. I had the bow ready so I drew. I then stopped the buck, only to find
out that a branch was in front of his vitals. Two steps forward, and I would not get
a shot at all, so I crouched down and thought I had a clear shot.

The arrow tipped a tiny twig and ended up hitting him high in the spine. This actually
worked out nice…there was no tracking. Once I really took a close look at him I
saw he was definitely mature. He’s not a giant by the score of his rack, but he dressed
at just over 230 lbs, which makes him tip the scales close to 300 which is heavier
than anything I’ve ever shot. We’re guessing him at 4 1/2 years old.