Not a Pretty Picture

Posted by Corey Graff, Online Editor

What do the words, “No Hunting Allowed” mean to you? If a “picture is worth a thousand
words,” then a no-hunting policy can be summed up  graphically by the photo below.
Leaving the Deer & Deer Hunting offices on Friday, I couldn’t help but notice
this very young whitetail fawn lying dead alongside the highway. I stopped to shoot
this photo. Indeed, it’s not a pretty picture, but it did get me thinking about the
reality of life and death that all deer hunters are intimitely familiar with.
Having friends who live in big cities like Chicago, I’ve met folks who rarely venture
outside of city limits and have limited exposure (if any) to the countryside. Many
have virtually no conception of the hunting lifestyle – let alone the idea of carrying
capacity of habitat. There’s no frame of reference for them to even begin to understand
the “big picture” when they see roadkill. But the truth is, without hunters playing
the vital role we do to balance deer herds every hunting season, scenes such as this
(disturbing as they may be) would become even more rampant than they already are.


One thought on “Not a Pretty Picture


    Although the thought is of good intentions and valid, I think it was not helping the cause to post that picture of the fawn….it tugs at people’s feelings the wrong way and they don’t understand the ‘big picture’. Maybe could have found a better picture.Posted by: Chuck

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