One Last Walk Through…

Don Thiel, hunting with his son Dean, took this buck north of Waupaca, Wisconsin,
on the last Saturday of the 2008 firearms season with a muzzleloader. The shot presented
itself after Thiel was preparing to leave for the morning and decided to try some
still-hunting on his property. The tactic worked. Writes Don:

“We had planned on hunting until noon. I sat in my tower stand overlooking the back
field until mid-morning. I only saw one deer all morning, and it was in the big field.
We had planned that I would make a small one-man drive down to a gravel pit on our
property and swing back toward Dean, who was sitting in the stand by the cabin.

“Earlier, Dean had shot at two does through thick brush in the hollow below his stand.
I walked some pines toward him, seeing nothing. Then I moseyed along a fence line,
cutting back into the thick  underbrush to see if he had hit either of the does
he shot at earlier. I was half way through the hollow, and within 35 yards of this
buck, when he jumped up. It was fortunate that he stopped in a little poplar stand
about 50 yards away. Following the shot from my muzzleloader, he went down. The bullet
hit him just above the ribs and slammed into the far-side front shoulder. I knew with
all the thick blackberry brush I couldn’t walk up on him because if he got up I wouldn’t
be able to see him.
“Dean got down from his stand and walked around to the North side of the hollow. He
approached the spot where the deer was laying and got to within 40 yards of the buck.
The deer jumped up, again, and Dean shot at him twice, hitting him in the chest. I
got off another shot as well and hit him on the other side. Down he went.

“It took about an hour to get him out of the thick brush.
“It is hard to believe that this deer would stay lying in the hollow all morning —
especially given that Dean shot twice at doe in this area. In hindsight, we believe
the buck came in and bedded down before sunrise — because Dean could see the entire
area where we initially jumped him.”








Congrats, Don!

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    Congratulations Don That is one very respectable buck and if that was me I would be smiling like you are. Nice job!Posted by: Rick

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