Big Bucks

Read expert advice from hunters who consistently shoot big bucks, and browse through success stories about big bucks in this section of Whether you like to simply see pictures of big bucks with large antlers, or you want to read advice for getting a shot on the biggest bucks in your area, this is the column for you. For more big bucks, choose from our best three big-buck books today.

– Tom Miranda, Whitetail SLAM: The Rut Hunters
– Pat and Nicole Reeve: Trophy Whitetails.
– Duncan Dobie: Legendary Whitetails III.

Despite Intense Pain, Bowhunter Drops 178-Inch Giant

It’s no secret that Iowa hunters have taken tons of trophy bone. The Hawkeye State is well-known for growing monster deer, and many non-residents often have to wait years to get an opportunity to go after an Iowa giant. It’s become so common to hear about another big Iowa buck on...

Double Droptine 214-Incher is His Buck of a Lifetime

Gary Barenz isn’t a trophy buck hunter, despite living in one of the best areas of the country to see and kill giant whitetails. Barenz has seen them in his 40-odd years of hunting, but he’s never really dialed into the trophy mentality. He just enjoys hunting near his home in...

Big Buck Secrets is Packed with Great Deer Hunting Insight

While there is a wealth of available knowledge on hunting trophy bucks, very little of this information actually comes from someone who hunts in the same places, or even the same conditions, as their audience. Because of this disparity, it often becomes unrealistic to follow this type of how-to information, as...

Years of Patience and Hard Hunting Finally Pays Off

If you’re looking for a hunting story that waxes poetic about a glut of carefully managed trophy bucks pursued by even more careful hunters, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere. This tale takes place in gritty Grimes County, Texas, a nondescript area in the eastern part of the state...

Pursuit of Twin Towers, Buck of a Lifetime

My mother-in-law always said things happen for a reason.  I help out one day a week at a nearby farm to secure exclusive hunting rights on their 200 acres. I had a commitment to work on the afternoon of Thursday, October 20, 2016, however, the landowner canceled it for a later...

Green Bay Brute Buck Tops 206 Inches

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., just thought it was a nice buck. He had no idea the brute carried more than 200 inches of dream-conjuring bone. He would soon learn that the long-legged monster embodied the very essence of his deer-hunting dreams.