Big Bucks

Read expert advice from hunters who consistently shoot big bucks, and browse through success stories about big bucks in this section of Whether you like to simply see pictures of big bucks with large antlers, or you want to read advice for getting a shot on the biggest bucks in your area, this is the column for you. For more big bucks, choose from our best three big-buck books today.

– Tom Miranda, Whitetail SLAM: The Rut Hunters
– Pat and Nicole Reeve: Trophy Whitetails.
– Duncan Dobie: Legendary Whitetails III.


Team DDH’s Kayser Drops Awesome Mule Deer

The Team DDH crew keeps on rolling this season, with Deer & Deer Hunting TV co-host Mark Kayser bringing in a fantastic mule deer with his CVA muzzleloader. Kayser had been hunting this buck for a while, a 3.5-year old 4×5 that gave him a shot from about 50 yards when it stood up on...

Gary Barenz of Wisconsin with his stunning gagger whitetail, which measured more than 214 inches and had a double droptine. Wow!

Stunning Double-Droptine Giant Scores 214 Inches

Gary Barenz, a longtime and close friend of the D&DH team, had an encounter with the buck of a lifetime on Oct. 25 and, without a doubt, made the most of it. Barenz was hunting in Waukesha County, Wis., with his crossbow when this stupendous buck stepped within range. Just watching it would certainly...

Ross Weber

Buckshots: Firefighter Extinguishes Wisconsin Brute

When Ross Weber got into his stand on Oct. 13, 2015, he was hoping that he might get a chance at a big buck working the area — at the time, though, he didn’t know just how big that buck would end up being. And why would he even think a monster would show up?...

Bob Sampson with his Lucky Buck buck.

New Knife, a Dollar Bill and the Good Luck Buck

It’s hard to believe that prior to 1975 regulated deer hunting did not exist in Connecticut. Landowners, designated persons under a closed system using crop protection permits and poachers were the only people hunting deer in the state. There were not many deer to hunt at that time. Some notorious poachers were connected to the black market, where they illicitly sold their venison in big cities...

Antler pedicles are unique and can be matched with other shed antlers from the same deer.

Deer Antler Pedicles Are Unique, Like Fingerprints

Growth of antlers in white-tailed deer, along with elk and moose, is one of the most remarkable things in nature. Consider that from the time a deer’s antlers are shed in late winter, within just a couple of months they’re growing again. Hormonal changes spur the entire process, peaking in late summer when the...


On the Hunt: Trophy Whitetails with Pat & Nicole Reeve

Widely regarded as two of the most knowledgeable bowhunters in the industry, Pat and Nicole Reeve are well-versed in the art of deer hunting and now they’re sharing their expertise with a new audience in a new book. Trophy Whitetails with Pat and Nicole Reeve offers fans of Driven TV and hunters around the...

Chad Scyphers of West Virginia hunted this big 12-point for years before finally getting a shot, and his hard work paid off. The buck green scored 196 5/8 with an estimated 10 points of deductions, which if accurate still would put the buck about 10 points better than the state record.

Massive Bowkill Buck Likely to Top State Record Book

A two-year quest for a massive white-tailed buck has resulted in what may be the new state record and it could shatter the existing mark by about 10 points. To top it off, the buck was killed on public land … so all the haters who want to immediately scream “fence” or “payhunt” can...