Big Bucks

Read expert advice from hunters who consistently shoot big bucks, and browse through success stories about big bucks in this section of Whether you like to simply see pictures of big bucks with large antlers, or you want to read advice for getting a shot on the biggest bucks in your area, this is the column for you. For more big bucks, choose from our best three big-buck books today.

- Tom Miranda, Whitetail SLAM: The Rut Hunters
- Pat and Nicole Reeve: Trophy Whitetails.
- Duncan Dobie: Legendary Whitetails III.

Antler pedicles are unique and can be matched with other shed antlers from the same deer.

Deer Antler Pedicles Are Unique, Like Fingerprints

Growth of antlers in white-tailed deer, along with elk and moose, is one of the most remarkable things in nature. Consider that from the time a deer’s antlers are shed in late winter, within just a couple of months they’re growing again. Hormonal changes spur the entire process, peaking in late summer when the...

Aaron Carter with the NRA is geared up, after about 15 minutes or more of prep, for his afternoon in a ground blind in Kansas. Harsh conditions call for careful planning and good apparel to ward off bone-chilling temperatures.

Southern Blood, Kansas Cold and Preparing for the Clash

Being an ol’ southern boy, deer hunting in Kansas temperatures dipping into the teens or lower combined with teeth-chattering wind riding an Arctic wave and blasting out of the Rockies is quite an experience. Unlike my co-workers who live in Wisconsin and deal with real winter conditions each year, we don’t have anything like...

Willie Hettinger of Montana loves bowhunting for big bucks.

Unique Deer, Unique Country in Kansas

Just west of Alva in northwest Oklahoma, the two-lane state highway begins climbing a bit until it tops out on a small ridge. If you slow down a bit and take it all in, the expanse of rugged terrain stretching toward the skinny Panhandle is mesmerizing. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Stark, of course,...

Joe Akin of Alabama with 15-point buck killed in Tennessee in late November.

Akin’s 15-Point Grassy Knoll Buck Kept Him Guessing

Joe Akin of Alabama was hunting in late November with his father and a good friend up in Tennessee on private land and had one of those days they’ll talk about for many years. Akin provided us with his story about the successful hunt and his big buck. By Joe Akin My dad reported...


The Matt Serwa Buck: 200-inch Wisconsin Monster

Matt Serwa wasn’t necessarily surprised when a nice buck showed up on his trail cameras last summer. The 35-year old Hatley, Wis., resident and his family had been managing their hunting property for several years. Their hard work on improving habitat and nutrition, combined with some true commitment to trigger control, had let several...

George Simolke of Louisiana with his 187 inch jaw-dropping buck! (Photo:

Simolke Buck a Staggering 187 Inches With Two Droptines

George Simolke calmly watched the wide-racked buck step out into the field and wondered about how many game camera photos he’d seen of the mature monster in the last six years.   Simolke made one well-placed shot with his 7mm Mag rifle and dropped the buck in his tracks. After laying his hands on...