Big Bucks

Read expert advice from hunters who consistently shoot big bucks, and browse through success stories about big bucks in this section of Whether you like to simply see pictures of big bucks with large antlers, or you want to read advice for getting a shot on the biggest bucks in your area, this is the column for you. For more big bucks, choose from our best three big-buck books today.

– Tom Miranda, Whitetail SLAM: The Rut Hunters
– Pat and Nicole Reeve: Trophy Whitetails.
– Duncan Dobie: Legendary Whitetails III.

Kochevar Buck: Monster is His First Bow Kill!

Will Kochevar knew the buck was using the small tract of woods after seeing it on his game cameras last summer, a monster deer bigger than anything he’d ever seen. On Alabama’s opening day of bow season last Oct. 15, Kochevar was in a stand on the travel route between the buck’s bedding area...

Have You Seen This Freakishly Gigantic Spike Buck?

Most deer hunters consider a nontypical buck to be one with a regular rack and drop tines, kicker points, weird tines or anything else abnormal that would make you do a double-take. What about a gigantic buck with foot-long spikes? Yep, that probably would qualify as a nontypical? It darn sure is freaky! Dennie Bowman...

Biggest Buck Ever? Bargren Buck Comes Close

Is there better way to celebrate a big buck on the ground than with your family at your side? After shooting this 200+ inch Illinois whitetail, Jon Bargren got to do just that with his wife and daughter. BY KERI J. BUTT Illinois native Jon Bargren and his family have a long history with...

How to find a hunting land Llease on your own terms

Miranda: This One Question Leads to Hunting Lease Savings

Miranda: Lease Secrets to Boost Your Hunting Prospects Tim Kent, owner of outdoors-related media company Theory 13 Creative, decided to take matters into his own hands after years of bumping into other hunters while hunting in New York and New Jersey. “We were simply tired of having people on top of us, especially in my...

Tom Miranda The Rut Hunters Find a Hunting Partner

Miranda: You Need This When Traveling for Big Bucks

Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book. How to Double Your Efforts in Unfamiliar Territory Even though we all have hunting buddies, someone that is a good traveling hunting partner is a different breed. Camp chores, competition over...