Two Promising Bucks

by Jacob Edson, managing editor


Check out these two deer that my cousin photographed in her back yard. Talk about
potential. Sadly, these boys live in town and I’ll never get a chance at them. Hopefully
she can keep tabs on them the next few years. I can’t wait to see how they age.


One thought on “Two Promising Bucks


    Bow? Been a hunter–fisherman all my life; started carrying a .22 when I was 8 on 1100 acres. I have never understood takeing the best animal out of the breeding stock!! We never killed our prize livestock; we would have not been able to improve and keep our livestock at top grade. I am not wanting a debate or to upset everybody; I do admire trophies on the wall have some nice bass and antlers myself; and collect sheds and skulls with an obession. Nature lets the best compete for the breeding rights to pass along the best bloodlines. This has always been on my mind when I see guys only wanting the very best; I do relize that death will take these animals, but only after thier time has come. WE MUST ALL SUPPORT THE NRA AND OUR LAW MAKERS THAT ABIDE BY THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS—USE YOUR VOTES AND EMAILS TO LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL AND WHO YOU WILL VOTE FOR NEXT CHANCE YOU HAVE. Best of luck, be safe and GOD be with us all. FYI I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas 61 years ago.Posted by: Thurman Postert

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