11-Year-Old Takes 20-Point Buck


The Journal News reported that a young Ohio hunter — 11-year-old Luke Woodruff —
shot his first buck and it was a dandy:

If his initial deer-hunting trip is any indication, Luke Woodruff’s first car will
be a Mercedes-Benz.

His first Ohio Lottery ticket will make him an instant millionaire.

And his first date — you know, in about five years — will be with Jessica Alba.

On the morning of Nov. 23, Luke Woodruff was an 11-year-old fifth-grader at Bogan
Elementary in the Talawanda School District.

A few hours and one bullet later, he was Daniel Boone.

Luke and his father, Matt, spotted a large buck standing behind them in a bean
field in the Vollmer Farm in Reily Twp.

Matt, 39, and a hunter for the last 19 years, called the buck the biggest he had
ever seen.

But not the brightest.

The 19- to 20-point buck walked out of the thick brush and stood in front of the
Woodruff’s ground blind, about 30 to 40 yards away.

“It was the perfect situation,” his father said. “The sun was coming up, the wind
wasn’t blowing. Everything was in our favor.”

Without being encouraged by his father, Luke, a first-time hunter, removed his
gloves, released the safety off his 20-gauge shotgun — last year’s Christmas present
— and pulled the trigger.

His heart, he said, “was racing pretty good.”

Luke thought the worst.

“Did I hit it or did I not,” he said.

Finally, he admitted: “I missed.”

A few hours later, after hearing some barking dogs, Luke and his father started
tracking blood. They found the deer across two fields, lying in a back yard, about
600 yards from where it was shot.

“I couldn’t believe how big it was,” Luke said.

His father added: “It was twice as big as I thought.”

Source: Journal

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    Thats a great buck. Almost like hitting a hole in one on your first golf outing. Hope the boy has a lifetime of good hunts. Posted by: Deer Hunter

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