Deer Antler Sheds: Learn How to Make an Antler Chandelier


Antler Lamps

We certainly know our resident deer antler shed hunting expert Lon Sherman has enough antlers to take on this project! What’s more, we know that many Deer & Deer Hunting readers have been wanting to do the same. That’s why we sent our shopdeerhunting team out on assignment to find a definitive source on how to accomplish the goal.

How cool would that be: having your own, beautiful deer antler chandelier? What would make it even sweeter is the fact that all of the antlers would be ones that you found yourself!

In this guide, you will learn how to:

•Grade Antler, Find Antler, Assemble an Antler Chandelier, Drill the Antlers for Internal Wiring, Wire and Test the Product, Conceal the Wire, Stain Antlers, and Complete Final Painting.

This video uses three of Peak Antler’s most popular styles of chandeliers and one table lamp as examples. It teaches the basic skills needed to complete any antler project to create your own unique work of art. Once you know the basics, you will discover how easy it is to design and create your own unique work of art.

The Peak Antler Company chandeliers are built by UL standards. This video demonstrates construction and wiring by those standards and all supply kits use the same products used in our facilities.

This DVD make a great gift for your brother, father, grandfather, better half, craft lady in your life, redneck-in-law, or yourself.

Click here to get started on making your own deer antler chandelier.