Whitetail Deer Antlers

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Michigan Deer Management Group Responds to Column on Antler Proposals

This is a response from the Lower Peninsula Deer Management Initiative in Michigan in response to an opinion column by Richard Smith in the October issue of Deer & Deer Hunting. Smith lives in Michigan and is a longtime hunter and contributor to DDH. Dan Schmidt, Editor August 8th 2013 Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine...


Have You EVER Seen An 8-Point Buck This Big?

The Deer & Deer Hunting Forum is a great place to meet other hunters and share photos and pictures of what you’re seeing in these days leading up to deer season. Check out the video clip shared by one of our forum members. This Iowa whitetail is one of the biggest 8-pointers we’ve seen...

Johnny King with his massive white-tailed deer, which has been scored and officially deemed the world record by the Northeast Big Buck Club. (Photo: www.whitetailworld.com)

Northeast Big Buck Club Recognizes the King Buck

Almost seven years have passed since Johnny King, of Mt. Horeb, Wis., killed a monstrous white-tailed deer now known by many in the hunting world as the King Buck. The massive buck was formally recognized by the Northeast Big Buck Club at its annual awards banquet July 20. King’s buck was entered in the...


WATCH: Bowhunter Zaps 150-Class Brusier on Camera

Dave Bogart was fired up after spotting a giant 10-point Illinois whitetail last October on game camera photos, and his game plan came together for a shot at the monster! Bogart said the bruiser buck was feeding on some acorns near a bean field. He set up about 30 yards away and got a...

Deer mineral recipe

How to Make a Deer Mineral Site

  Don’t put it off anymore: Now is the perfect time to establish deer mineral licks on your hunting property. Few things are more rewarding to hunters and landowners than creating something beneficial for wildlife, and that includes adding mineral licks to your property. Minerals are necessary for whitetail deer health. Along with normal...

Shane Sanderson of Wyoming with his 170-class state bow record!

Monster Whitetail Is A Bowhunting Record

Wyoming bowhunter Shane Sanderson started the season in the Cowboy State off right on opening day by arrowing a monstrous whitetail deer still in velvet! The 10-point buck fell to Sanderson, 39, on Sept. 1, the first day of archery season in Wyoming. Sanderson lives in Kinnear, Wyo., and has been bowhunting for 13...