Skull Sets Record


RICE LAKE – A big buck from Rusk County has made the record book without
ever meeting a hunter’s carcass tag.

The wide-antlered deer known by several names, including Two-footer, Wide Boy and
Jim, has scored the widest inside antler spread in Wisconsin and fourth highest in
the United States, said Michael Evenson, who pulled the deer’s skull and rack from
a creek bed in November.

Evenson, who lives in Rice Lake and hunts in Rusk County, found no deer body or other
bones at the site.

Evenson knew the deer’s inside spread – 30 5/8 inches between the antler beams – was
something special. He also knew about the deer long before he found the skull and

It seems everyone in the area a few miles southwest of Weyerhaeuser knew about the
wide-antlered buck.

“It was crazy out there,” said Evenson, who ghost wrote a letter for the buck, basically
saying that some folks’ ruthless pursuits of the deer were, in the end, fruitless.

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