Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A 68-year-old woman who was walking near a tennis court was severely injured by a
deer that trampled her, causing traumatic head injury to the woman. The incident occurred
near Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

A story reported in The Walton
revealed the seriousness of her injuries:

“According to Potts’ son-in-law Dr. Eugene Scobby, Potts is recovering from
serious bleeding in the brain. ‘They (doctors) are still trying to determine if she
is going to need surgery (for the bleeding),’ he said. “She suffered a subdural hematoma
and cerebral hemorrhage. We still have to see if they will have to drain blood from
the brain.’ Scobby said she also broke five vertebrae, a pulmonary contusion to the
lung, a laceration to the scalp and several broken ribs.”

The deer, who apparently faired much better, was not at the scene of accident.