Big Game Hunting and the ‘1 Percent’

It seems the allure of hunting big game has struck a nerve with the upper crust.

Author Ernest Hemingway, right, on safari.

Newsweek and its online site,, produced a little piece about big game hunters among the so-called “1 percent” of the nation’s wealthy. It appears the story was sparked by the recent news and dust-up of Donald Trump’s sons’ successful African safari.

The story trotted out the usual names so well-known among hunters: Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. Aside from deer and maybe bears, we don’t know what other “big game” Faulkner may have pursued in Mississippi but suffice to say, he’s among the notables among our ranks who have trod afield.

A few surprises were listed, though: “Even dainty Hollywood has its share of gun toters: Shaquille O’Neal goes after goats and boars on trips he reportedly terms “Shaqfaris.” Kurt Russell hunts elk. According to the National Rifle Association, Eva Longoria not only hunts, but also cuts and skins her own game.”

Shaq is a hunter? That may be more surprising than Eva Longoria!

Check out the story here: click this link