BREAKING NEWS: Lighted Nocks Approved for Bowhunters

After years of steadfast resistance to lighted nocks as technology that wasn’t in the best interests for hunters or fair chase, one state wildlife commission has finally seen the light — yes, pun intended — about the simple, helpful bowhunting tool that aids in game recovery.


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Finally! What a great day for bowhunters and hunting in general. Lighted nocks do absolutely nothing to give a bowhunter an edge on scouting, locating or killing an animal, but they are a fantastic resource for locating the impact site and blood trail or the animal. Making every effort to recover game is a basic tenet of hunting and lighted nocks are a great way to do this.

Here’s a press release about the changes:

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved regulation changes that impact big game hunting in Colorado. These approvals, made at its January meeting, are in addition to other regulation changes made in November.

Commissioners received briefings on a variety of possible changes over the past several months and approved the following changes for the 2015 Big Game season:

  • Archers may now use lighted nocks on arrows, which can help aid in recovery of game animals. New rules are also in place that allow recording devices to be mounted on a bow.
  • Antler shed collection in the Eagle and Roaring Fork Valleys now has restrictions in place for collecting sheds at certain times of the year. This helps minimize disturbance of animals on their winter range.
  • The draw is now regulated so youths get at least 15 percent of the limited licenses in every game management unit for antlerless pronghorn, antlerless and either-sex deer and antlerless elk for all methods of take and seasons, including early and late rifle seasons.
  • Additional elk hunts are now available in game management units 128 and 61, to help aid in the quality of hunts, better manage the elk population east of I-25, and address landowner concerns.
  • Additional deer hunts are now available in GMU 65, 41, 55, 551, 201, 103 and 109.
  • Pronghorn muzzleloader season has been moved to Sept. 21-29.
  • Area restrictions are now in place for moose hunters in GMU 20 and 29. The restriction is a quarter mile that extends out from the high water mark of Brainard Lake until the U.S. Forest Service gate closes, (at or near Oct. 12). Once the gate closes, the closure is lifted.
  • Additional moose licenses are now available in GMU 38. Hunters can also now choose between a license for GMUs 7, 8, and 191 or a license for 191 only.
  • Bear season has been expanded if the hunter purchases an elk or deer license in a matching GMU.

Listen to the recorded discussion of these topics and more at

All CPW regulations are available at A summary of these changes will also be available in the 2015 Big Game Brochure scheduled for release Feb. 10.

The Commission meets regularly and travels to communities around the state to facilitate public participation in its processes.

The Commission is scheduled to meet for the March meeting in Denver. In 2015 PWC will hold meetings in: May (Grand Junction); June (Gunnison); July (Frisco); August (Durango); September (Craig); November (Wray); and December (Pueblo).

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