Cooking Venison and Game

Here’s everything you need to know about preparing the tastiest, healthiest red meat on the planet. From cleaning to cooking and serving, our expert staff provides loads of practical advice on enjoying nature’s bounty. You’ll find tons of great recipes, too. (Vegetarians need not apply.)

Smokey Lettuce Wraps

Smoky Venison Lettuce Wraps with Sage Corn Salsa

Wow! This recipe looks pretty doggone incredible and is a super dish to make during summer with fresh corn and other garden ingredients. The fine folks at Food For Hunters whipped up this venison treat. It’s officially called “Smoky Lettuce Wraps with Sage Corn Salsa.” Looks outstanding! You can check out this specific recipe...

Weston Venison Jerky

Overnight Deer Jerky Recipe With Tabasco Sauce

With several jerky recipes in our 301 Venison Recipes cookbook, which was created from user submissions, you’re sure to find one with a nuance that you might like. This particular recipe was submitted by Ralph Krepp of Franklin, Pa., and includes Tabasco sauce, onion powder, garlic powder and liquid smoke. That’s a nice combination of flavors...

Once you put your venison on the grill or smoker, don't overcook it!

Grilling Deer? Once You Burn, There’s No Return!

Many years ago during a cookout with family members, I pretty much stood over the grill to make sure my steak didn’t end up looking like the sole of a worn-out hunting boot. Fortunately, the host shared my desire for a marbled ribeye the way they’re supposed to be prepared: seared on the outside...

Grilled venison with fresh veggies and maybe a light dash of your favorite marinade is an easy, delicious way to enjoy your hunting success.

Great Venison Kebabs Are Party Favorites

Venison kebabs are easy to make and great to eat for a family dinner or party with friends, or even at deer camp after an evening hunt. The veggies can be prepped a day or two earlier, or even at home to take to camp. Venison can be chunked and marinated beforehand. Add some...

A good dry rub can help tough cuts of venison or beef.

Try This Super Dry Rub Recipe For Your Venison

Dry rubs are easy to make, can be as simple or involved as you wish, and can help transform a tough cut or shoulder roast into a succulent delight. Take a venison shoulder roast, for example. It has several muscles and a bunch of connective tissue. Some folks just discard it. Boo, hiss! Coat...