Venison Recipes

Venison Shrimp Ankara

Whip up a Surf ‘n Turf Combo with Venison Shrimp Ankara

One of the coolest combos in food history is the good ol’ surf and turf, the delightful mashup of meat and seafood that has incredible variety. Maybe some pork chops and scallops. Or maybe some mahi mahi and stir fry chicken. Or, perhaps we’ll just stick with the tried and true: red meat and...

Parmesean Venison

Mama Mia! How About This Parmesan Venison and a Nice Chianti?

Summer finally has arrived and that means fresh vegetables, berries and good old grillin’ and chillin’ with family or friends. Stacy Harris, author of “Happy Healthy Family: Tracking The Outdoors In” has enjoyed preparing, cooking and eating venison for years. Her family enjoys the outdoors, from their big vegetable garden that includes herbs and...

Welsh Rarebit Venison Burgers offer some great flavors. (Photo:

5 Ways to Make Your Best Venison Burgers Even Better

As much as I enjoy tasty and well-prepared deer meat, one of the saddest things is to see is an overcooked burger with a sad piece of non-melted processed “cheese” on a cold bun. Where’s that sad trombone? Wamp wamp waaaaahhhhh … Venison is delicious and needs little in the way of flavor other...