With These New Downloads, Deer and Hunters Will Eat Well

Deer & Deer Hunting is excited to present three brand-new digital downloads for deer hunting enthusiasts. These downloads are packed with in-depth information and ready to download straight to your computer for just $3.99 each.

Planting and Maintaining Food Plots

There’s an old saying in real estate about what makes a piece of property really valuable: location, location, location. According to the Lee and Tiffany Lakosky doctrine, the thing that makes a farm valuable for deer hunting is food, food and more food. Lee’s philosophy is simple. If you can offer your mature bucks plenty of good food on a year-round basis and a sense of security so those deer feel safe on your land, your chances of keeping them on your property increase dramatically.

With this download, you can learn food plot secrets straight from the stars of the record-breaking TV program “The Crush” and apply them to your own deer hunting propertyShooting mature bucks takes planning and hard work. And it all starts with your food plots. Make sure you’re on the track to success this season.

Best Venison Ever!

Best Venison Ever! provides our top-10 favorite venison recipes. These sure-fire, tasty favorites give you a wide range of options for the grill, the frying pan, the oven, the smoker and the cooking pot. No matter what option you go with, you’ll be serving mouth-watering good venison to your friends and family in no time. And the introductory chapter makes sure you know how to handle your deer between the shot and the kitchen to assure you’re cooking the highest quality venison possible. Caution: Downloading this product could lead to full kitchens and empty freezers. Once your friends and family try these delicious recipes, they’ll all be back for more tasty venison!

Top 20 Marinades

Top 20 Marinades will help give you that little something extra to push your venison to the next level. These marinades will not dissapoint. The 20 can’t-miss sauces in this download provide the extraordinary signature taste you’ve been looking for. From spicy flair to smokey flavor, each marinade in this collection will provide a distinct and delicious zest to your venison dishes. With a few simple steps, you can take your same old venison and create an entirely new dish that will wow your friends and family!

These downloads and more are available at our ShopDeerHunting.com store.