Deer Behavior

Have you ever watched a deer from your stand and wondered, “Why do they do that?” Whitetails are fascinating creatures, and understanding the many facets of their behavior enhances this addicting pursuit. Learn all about deer behavior and biology from the top biologists in the country.

Multiple factors affect when bucks shed their antlers.

Multiple Factors Contribute to the Shed Effect

As sure as the sun sets each day, at some point a buck will drop his antlers each year. For many hunters, this is a brand new “season,” scouring the woods and fields for antlers they have only seen attached to a moving object up to this point. By Jeremy Flinn The value of a...


8 Messages Deer Send Hunters With Their Tails

When you spot a deer, study its tail. What you observe will help you make smart hunting decisions. Of course, the deer’s body language is important to watch, too. It goes hand in hand in with what the tail is doing. By Tom Carpenter But the tail’s actions are a very visible, clear and...


Signpost Secrets II: Revealing the Mysteries of Whitetail Scrapes

As I discussed in my previous “Whitetail Behavior” blog, white-tailed deer rely heavily on scent-marking at antler rubs and scrapes, commonly referred to as signposts, to communicate information of social significance, especially during the breeding season. There’s good evidence deer can communicate individual identity, dominance rank, physical condition, breeding status and other bits of...

Giant buck

Signpost Secrets: Probing the Mysteries of Whitetail Rubs

  Cervids (members of the deer family) living in open country, such as elk and mule deer, rely heavily upon visual displays and vocalizations when communicating information of social significance. In contrast, forest-dwelling white-tailed deer more commonly use glandular secretions and scent-marking, especially in conjunction with antler rubs and ground scrapes, commonly referred to...

Grow em Big Bucks2

The Facts and Truth About Culling Bucks

Culling is the selective removal of presumably inferior deer in order to improve the quality of the remaining population. Among whitetails, the culling harvest strategy generally involves targeting those bucks with inferior antlers for removal to improve overall antler quality of those left to do the breeding and for harvest at an older age....

DDH Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt with his free range 11-point Florida buck that scored 137 1/8.

Deer Season Has Early Wake-Up Alarm in Southeast

While the rest of the nation’s deer hunters are thinking about mineral sites, game cameras, moving stands and maybe putting in winter food plots, hunters in Florida’s southernmost zone and South Carolina’s Lowcountry are in the stand looking for a buck. Opening day for bow season in Florida’s Zone A, which comprises the counties...