An Unarmed Attitude Adjustment

We all know how antler cast effects the regal look of a whitetail buck. But doewhitetail deer huntings the loss of antlers cause an attitude adjustment? According to Deer & Deer Hunting’s whitetail behavior expert Charlie Alsheimer, the answer is yes.

According to Alsheimer:

When a buck casts his antlers, his testicles are still functioning, hormones are still in his system and his pituitary is not affected, so you might think his attitude would be the same as when he had antlers. Not so. Research has shown that most bucks become less aggressive and quite mild after antler casting occurs. It’s not known why this is, but most biologists and deer breeders I’ve talked with believe the drop in testosterone levels, the buck’s weakened state, and the fact that the buck realizes he no longer has antlers make the animal become less aggressive.

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