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Jeff Neal's inexpensive deer feeder will last for several years and hold about 250 pounds of food. (DDH Photo: Alan Clemons)

How to Build an Inexpensive, Durable Deer Feeder

  Jeff Neal has tried a variety of different feeders for his property in southeast Ohio, everything from spincast models on tripods and hangers to gravity-style feeders like the very cool Feed Bank from Banks Outdoors. Neal is Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Kalmbach Feeds, which produces the line of Heartland Wildlife...

Food Plot

Learn to Make the Best Food Plots on Deer & Deer Hunting TV

For deer hunters in the field, a mix of good camouflage, cleverly disguised tree stands and scent control are all part of the hunt. For those interested in observing, photographing or hunting deer year round, a well-designed food plot can be the perfect device for aiding and holding deer on your land. In tonight’s...

Don Higgins

What’s the Secret For Late Season Whitetail Magic?

I smiled when I saw the small group of deer headed for the plot of standing corn. I had been debating my friend Todd Hewing about what was the best late-season food-plot crop for whitetails. Todd argued that soybeans are the ticket, but I would hear none of it. Common sense — and all...

Jeremy Flinn

New Wildlife Management Team Utilizes Traditional, Online Services

Jeremy Flinn, a professional wildlife biologist and regular contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting and Deer & Deer Hunting TV, has teamed with Steve Smolenski to create The Buck Advisors wildlife management service. The Buck Advisors have strategically launched a new era of wildlife management services and products. Grounded in proven science, The Buck...

Food Plot

Get A Start On Your Best Food Plots For Whitetail Deer

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, you already may have food plots planted for the upcoming deer season or you’re still in the planning stages for some late-summer plots that will take hold and carry over through autumn and winter. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor In either case, establishing and maintaining...

white clover

White Clover Is A Great Consideration For Deer, Turkey Habitat Plots

White clover is a good source of protein for deer and turkey and should be considered when developing wildlife openings along with cost of planting and maintentance, duration of plant life and usefulness to wildlife species in the area. By Mitchell Marks, Alabama Wildlife Biologist, Freedom Hills WMA When developing wildlife openings, consideration must...